Hasbro’s My3D Device for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Hasbro's My3D Goggle for the iPhone
Toy Maker, Hasbro has announced its new My3D Device which works with the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch as an attachment. The Hasbro My3D Device takes the form of a pair of binoculars which allows the user to view 3D images and movies using either iPhone or iPod Touch. Using the My3D Device, the user will be able to view 3D content in a unique 360-degree experience, whether watching movies, gaming or even travel experiences.

The device comes with a slot that allows you to insert with an iPhone or an iPod Touch, so far the manufacturer (Hasbro) has partnered with Dreamworks Animation Studios to develop 3D material for the device.

The My3D Device will also offer a unique experience not available on the market, the company will also be releasing 3D apps specially for use with the My3D Device. These 3D apps would include different categories such as gaming, travel and entertainment apps.

The Hasbro My3D Device is expected to surface early 2011, around spring for a price of approximately $30 or could be cheaper, we just have to wait and see.

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