Hating gets a boost with new Hater App

Someone thought it would be cool to give users the opportunity to hate something that they don’t “like”, as that’s the only option being offered by social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Social networks like Facebook and Instagram are intended to help users share their lives, but Jake Banks (the creator) believes the language of “likes” used on these services forces us to be overly positive and restricts our ability to be ourselves.

Hater AppThe app is an alternative to social networking app and its called Hater, which is intended to share things that you don’t like. “All you can do is ‘like’ things”, Banks revealed to Mashable, “It’s really an answer to everything out there in social media.”

“I don’t want to be the guy pretending to be someone I’m not. I want to be real and say, ‘I’m sitting in traffic and I hate this.'” While you can post a comment like that on Facebook or Twitter, Banks’ contention is that providing a dedicated community for dislikes frees up users to re-think the type of posts they share and vent a bit.

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