Hitachi G-Tech 2TB External Hard Drives

G-Technology by Hitachi has announced recently that they will be incorporating Hitachi’s 2TB Hard Drives across its entire 3.5-inch product line. So now G-Tech’s new upgraded single-drive and ultra-fast, low-cost RAID systems are available in the capacities ranging from 2TB to 32TB, which includes the G-DRIVE, G-SAFE, G-RAID, G-SPEED eS, G-SPEED eS Pro, G-SPEED eS PRO XL, and G-SPEED FC XL.

G-Tech is the only external storage provider in the world with a complete line of 2TB, 7,200 RPM drive-based, external storage solutions specifically designed for the Mac and the AV market. The G-Tech Drives offers the fastest interfaces which includes eSATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400, USB 2.0, mini SAS and Fibre Channel. The new 2TB-based external storage solutions are now available, no pricing information available.

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