Homeland Security is building robotic tuna to protect American Waters

The Department Homeland Security is working on a robotic fish which is modeled after Tuna to help with the defending on our nations water border. The robotic fish which is being called the BIOSwimmer is being built by Boston Engineering and is funded by the Department of Homeland Security.

Robot TunaThe new robotic unmanned vehicle will be responsible for surveillance of our borders underwater. It will be able to monitor our harbors, inspect if pumps are working in oily water, inspect piers for bombs and explore flooded ships. Who knows they might just use it to spy on the enemy as well, this tuna already has its work cut out for it.

It can also be equipped with spy equipment and who knows they might just add weaponry as well. This will be the Chuck Norris of all tuna in the sea, but yellow might just be the color of the prototype because for a fish this awesome, it should be yellow more like jet black with a red band around it’s head like Rambo.

[Via: Science Space Robot]

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