HP intros world’s first WiFi Mouse

HP intros world's first Wi-Fi mouse
HP has introduced what is now known as the world’s first WiFi Mouse and the company calls its HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse. The device drops the USB dongle and connects to the user’s computer using its built-in Wi-Fi receiver thus reducing clutter. It comes with a battery that the company is claiming to offer up to 9 months of use which doubles the time we are accustom to with the Bluetooth mouse. It comes with 5 customizable buttons, a four-way tilt control scroll wheel and will stay connected up to 30 feet away from the computer. HP has also guaranteed that the mouse won’t interfere with other signals on the same WiFi connection which means you will be able to use the mouse along with your internet connection. This is the first mouse to operate over a WiFi connection and it is expected to hit shelves in June for the price of $49.99.

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