HP Mini 110 and Mini 210 HD gets Atom N455/N475 Processors

HP Mini 110 and Mini 210 HD gets Atom N455-N475 Processors
HP has updated its HP Mini 110 and Mini 210 HD Series of Netbooks with the new Intel Atom N455 and N475 processors. These netbooks both comes with a standard Atom N455 Processor, a 160GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM which are priced at $259.99 and $329.99, respectively.

However, if the standard versions doesn’t meet your requirements then you can pay an extra $25 for and get an N476 1.86GHz CPU in the Mini 110 and for extra $40 you will get an Atom N475 Processor and a Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator in the Mini 210 HD netbook. The Mini 110 has a 10.1-inch 1024×600 display while the Mini 210 HD comes with a 10.1-inch 1366×768 screen. They both share features including WiFi connectivity, a multi-in-one card reader, built-in speaker and webcam.

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