HP Passport 1912nm Internet Monitor Unveiled

HP has introduced a new monitor that comes in the form of HP Passport 1912nm. This is an 18.5-inch LED backlit display with a 13656×768 resolutions, and what makes this monitor special is that it comes with a built-in processor and it also provides access to the internet without the need to be connected to a PC.

HP Passport 1912nm Internet Monitor
The Passport 1912nm Internet Monitor packs the power of a Texas Instrument OMAP 4430 processor which also features hardware acceleration of various multimedia codecs. The device also comes with other specifications including a 600:1 contrast ratio, 200cd/m2 brightness, and 5ms response time.

It also comes with low-power DDR2 memory, built-in speakers, Ethernet, media card reader, 5x USB ports, it also supports 1080p HD playback, embedded Adobe Flash plug-in and plug-and-play connectivity.

The HP Passport 1912nm comes bundled with a full-size USB keyboard and mouse which makes it ideal for hotels, waiting rooms, airports and other business environments to give access to emails, videos, images and music with an easy web interface. It is now available and goes for the price of $259.

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