HP Slate 500 Tablet PC now Official

HP has finally made its HP Slate 500 Tablet PC official, the device was developed specially for businesses and enterprises. As reported recently the HP Slate 500 comes equipped with a 8.9-inch capacitive touchscreen display and powered by an Intel Atom Z540 Processor running at 1.86GHz.

It also comes equipped with 64GB SSD, 2GB of RAM and a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator which handles 1080p HD video playback. The Tablet PC runs the Windows 7 Professional OS along with noteworthy specs such as WiFi, a Wacom active digitizer for taking notes and a 3-Megapixel Camera.

The HP Slate 500 Tablet PC will be unveiled on the US market for the price of $799 and also comes with a HP Slate Dock, HP Slate Digital Pen and the HP Slate Portfolio.

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