HTC Flyer 7-inch Android Tablet with 1.5GHz Processor

HTC Flyer 7-inch Android Tablet
HTC has step a little out of their comfort zone when they introduced their new HTC Flyer 7-inch Android Tablet. We figured that it would come sooner than later to how fast HTC has been releasing new devices on the market. The Tablet was introduced at the recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it is powered by a 1.5GHz processor, it gets a 7-inch touchscreen display with HTC Sense UI along with some new HTC Features such as the HTC Watch which is a video service that will make its debut on the tablet and it will stream low-cost on-demand HD movies to users, HTC Scribe which is a service will allows the user to write notes on the device screen, capture audio from an on-going meeting and other features and its OnLive Gaming feature that will allow Flyer users to stream popular games down to the tablet using a broadband wireless connection. There are other specifications including HSPA+ connectivity, it supports flash 10 and HTML 5 content. The new HTC Flyer Tablet is expected to be launched globally during the second quarter (Q2) of 2011.

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