HTC One gets 24ct Gold Plated Treatment for $2909

Goldgenie recently decided that the HTC One deserves the golden touch, and with a wave of the hand they now have a variant of the HTC One Smartphone completely soaked in 24ct gold, which you can get in three different forms of gold coating, Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum plating with prices ranging from £1895 ($2909.58), £1995 ($3063.12) and £2095 ($3216.66), respectively.

HTC One Gold-PlatedGoldgenie is offering the devices in either 32GB or 64GB versions and will deliver your investment in a customized box. Its a really nice idea to have one of the top smartphones encased in gold for bragging rights at the moment, but after spending that kind of cash on a smartphone, what will happen two-three years from now when it become obsolete.

“We are delighted to welcome HTC’s flagship phone the HTC One to the Goldgenie family,” said Goldgenie founder and CEO Laban Roomes in a press release. ”It is an extremely powerful phone with a beautiful interface & is a guaranteed jaw dropper when people see it embellished in Gold.”

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