HTC One Mini 2 Smartphone leaked

The HTC One M8 was recently announced but if you think its too bulky, the smaller HTC One Mini 2 has just been leaked. The miniature version of the handset was recently leaked and it was revealed that it will be coming in brushed metal, silver, and gold flavors.

htc one mini 2The smaller version of the HTC One M8 won’t get the same hardware specifications, it doesn’t get the dual-sensor Duo Camera as its older sibling and it also comes without the dual LED flash. On the other hand, it does get the same metal body protection but no upfront like the M8.

The HTC One mini 2 will look very similar to the M8, however HTC will be moving a few things around such as the sensors and power button. The frame will feature plastic rim around the screen, and up the top. We should get some confirmation from HTC in the coming weeks about the new HTC One Mini 2.

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