HTC Puccini Android Tablet to start production in June

HTC Puccini Android Tablet
Remember we told you guys that the HTC Flyer should be getting an Android Brother soon, Well the HTC Puccini is expected to go into production early in June. Like its little brother, the Flyer it runs the Google Android OS but it is expected to run the latest version which is the 3.0.1 Honeycomb. It gets a bigger touchscreen display that measure 10.1-inches that is both supported by resistive and capacitive touch technologies. The Tablet is also expected to debut once placed into production which a few of HTC’s technologies which includes the HTC Scribe that supports digital pen input, it is a feature that enables the user to use a digital pen to jot down notes while at meetings and conferences just like using a pen and an actual notebook. It was also rumored that the notebook is expected to come in two different versions, a WiFi and GSM 3G version. The Puccini could be exclusive to AT&T at launch as the first render of the device was spotted wearing the carrier’s logo, keep checking for more updates.

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