Hulu launches new channel for Video Game Trailers

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to view all your favorite video game trailers in one place, well Hulu seems to be listening to your thoughts as the on-demand streaming video website has announced the launch of its new video gaming channel or hub that promises to “feed the game trailer addiction” in you.

Hulu Video GamesThe new video gaming channel on Hulu will comprise of HD video game trailers, game play videos, and reviews for the latest games. Hulu’s video games is currently only available on PC, but the company adds that it will be rolling out to all Hulu Plus enabled devices in the coming months.

Along with the announcement of it new video gaming hub, the video streaming website also had this to say to its subscribers and regular viewers: “Soon, we’ll showcase the next generation of video games with the release of the Nintendo Wii U, which brings us game fanatics titles such as New Super Mario Bros U , Nintendo Land, and SiNG Party to your living room. Even our favorite mouse Mickey is joining the party with Epic Mickey 2.”

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