huluplus devices

Hulu Plus Online launches Living Room Devices

Hulu Plus online TV service just announced that they have added more living room devices so you can have access to your favorite TV dramas at your convenience. If you have difficulties staying updated with TV shows, then Hulu Plus is now available on select Toshiba 2012 Blu-ray players, Sharp 2012 TVs and Best Buy’s Dynex Blu-ray players.

huluplus devices
Earlier this year the company also launched Hulu Plus on Netgear’s NeoTV 200 Media Player and other set-top boxes from popular brands such as Funai and Magnavox, it is also available from your Gaming consoles and Mobile devices. Hulu Plus main feature is bringing the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows to your living room when you want them, you get to watch the latest episodes of Modern Family, Family Guy, Castle, SouthPark and even Grey’s Anatomy.

You can get a list of the devices compatible with the Hulu Plus service from, and the service will cost you $7.99 per month

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