Hyundai T270Wh Full HD Monitor

Hyundai is known for the cars they make but did you they also have an electronics devision as well. They just annouced the new Hyundai T270Wh Full HD Monitor for the European Market. The new monitor features a 27-inch Widescreen display with a 1920x1080p pixel resolution with some noteworthy specifications including a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 2ms response time, a 300cd/m2 brightness and it could be considered as an energy saver as it consumes only 45W while in operation.

The Hyundai HD Monitor also comes with two built-in 2W Speakers and offers connectivity for DVI, D-Sub and HDMI. The Hyundai T270wh is presently available on the European Market for a price of 420 euros which is approximately $592.

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