I-O Data ToteBag USB Flash Drives with Colorful Exterior

I-O Data ToteBag USB Flash DrivesI-O Data has announced its new colorful series of ToteBag USB Flash Drives that comes in six different color themes including Aquamarine Blue, Spring Green, Pine Yellow, Flower Pink, Warm White and Cool Black. The drives measures 12.3 x 34.7 x 5.6 mm with an extremely lightweight design that weighs only 5 grams, it comes with an USB 2.0 interface plus a one-year warranty in-case it gets damaged.

Other than its bright fruity colors, I really don’t think it doesn’t much over the conventional USB flash drives as they are available in the same storage options: 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities. The colorful flash drives are expected to launch in mid-august, the 4GB model will be sold for $22.50, the 8GB model will go for $34 and the 16GB model is expected to be sold at $60.50 per unit.

I-O Data ToteBag USB Flash Drives

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