I-O Data USB-RGB3/D USB 3.0 to DVI Display Adapter

I-O Data USB-RGB3-DDisplayLink and I-O Data announced the availability of its new I-O DATA USB-RGB3/D USB 3.0 to DVI display adapter on Monday, it’s the first USB 3.0 enabled display adapter to ship on the Japanese market or so they claim. The USB-RGB3/D incorporates DisplayLink’s DL-3100 chip that powers the device’s connectivity and virtual graphics, it features DisplayLink 3.0 video compression that supports up to 2048×1152 pixel resolution and even including 1080p.

“The DisplayLink DL-3000 family of chips allows I-O DATA to be first-to-market with high-quality products that our end consumers want now,” said Hiroshi Kawada, Board Director of Business Strategy Dept. of I-O DATA. With the integration of SuperSpeed USB 3.0, the adapter has the ability to provide speeds of up to 5 Gbp/s, which makes its up to 10 times faster than the conventional USB 2.0 adapters available presently, and thanks to its superfast transfer speeds it also reduces power consumption. The new USB-RGB3/D adapter is already available on the Japanese Market and goes for the price of $137.00.

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