i.Saw the world’s first USB Powered Chainsaw

i.Saw USB
I saw this coming, who didn’t. They are making everything powered by the USB now and so i.Saw maximized their potentials with the world’s first USB-powered chainsaw. This Loopy Gadget is expected to be released very soon and don’t take it simple because it is powered by a USB port because it will cut through different types of wood just like a full-sized electric chainsaw.

The i.Saw uses a USB 2.0 interface and will work with both Mac and PC. It measures 385 x 147 x 130mm and weighs 3.7kg with a body made from tough plastic and lightweight alloy. The guide bar of i.Saw is compatible with most third party saw chains.

The i.Saw is up for pre-order now and it will be sold for $59.99 and will be shipped this fall.

i. Saw USB Powered Chainsaw

i Saw USB Powered Chainsaw

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