iCloud temporary 20GB storage extended for 1 year

All the customers on Apple’s MobileMe platform got an additional 20GB of storage after the company killed MobileMe and moved over to the iCloud platform. The 20GB extra storage was a temporary measure during the transition process to stash their data and all the freebie was announced to be ending on September 30th.

Apple iCloudWell on October 1st, Apple surprised iCloud users when they realize that their accounts were extended by another 38 years, which was attributed to an apparent glitch. Apple has fixed that issue and now users don’t have to worry about their data being wiped overnight as the guys at Cupertino were nice enough to even offer the 20GB of extra storage space on iCloud by extending it by another year.

Now MobileMe users has another year to store their data until Apple device to pull the plug in 2013.

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