igotU GT 600 GPS Logger Review

The igotU GT 600 GPS Logger now supports Windows 7 x64 on 2010/03/10. You can update the new device driver to work on Windows 7 x64. Download the driver here.

igotU GT 600 GPS Logger
After reviewing the i-gotU GT-120 a few months back, Mobile Action has sent us the igotU GT 600 which is the newest of Mobile Action’s compact GPS units and is a great gadget for the outdoor enthusiast or endurance athlete. The i-gotU GT-600 contains a GPS Logger device, which measures 46×41.5×14 mm and weighs 37 grams, Live! Travel Blog Master CD with driver and i-gotU Suite software, USB cable and wrist strap.

i-gotU GT-600, like GT-200e and GT-120, still lack of 64-bit Windows 7 support, although promise has been made to release it on mid January (has since delayed to mid February), causing without pressing F8 to disable forced driver signing during boot up, it’s impossible to connect any device on x64 Windows 7. However, it packs all other features that one needs of a GPS Logger, including ability to change waypoint tracking interval, and increase or decrease the interval on change of velocity.

While the GPS geotagger inclusion in digital camera is slow to taking off, standalone GPS Logger is important investment for everybody who wants to know precisely where photos are taken. The GPS Logger can also be used for sports enthusiasts to keep track of the activity, and straight forward, easy, and time-saving way of geo-tagging the photos automatically. The igotU GT 600 is currently priced at $119.95 at Amazon. See its full specifications after the break..

igotU GT 600 GPS Logger

Full Specifications

i-gotU GT-600 is a GPS Device that can

Auto-map your photos with GPS location information.
Organize and present your journey on 3D Google Map & Google Earth.
Compatible with all digital cameras & camera phones, coolest GPS tracking gadget for your journey.
Easy-to-use software user interface.
Export in multiple file formats, support popular web albums.
Quick & easy to create & share your live Travel Blog with all your friends.
Multiple ways for attachment, suitable for outdoor use.
Water-resistant hardware design, suitable for rainy days, skiing, water sports.
Compatible with 3rd party GPS navigtion software, serve as PC GPS receiver as well.
With Motion Detector, GPS Logger makes daily logging much easier and power efficient.

Hardware Specifications

Dimension: 46×41.5×14 mm; Weight: 37g
SiRF Star III 65nm GPS low power chipset
Built-in motion detector for auto power on/off
Auto record GPS data I logger mode
64M flash memory to store 262,000 way points
Work as USB GPS receiver for PC
Built-in 750mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Average acquisition time:Cold start<35 seconds USB 1.1 cable for charging and PC connect 2 LEDs for on/off/charge/logging status indication

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