iLuv DreamTraveler iAD301 with iPad

iLuv DreamTraveler iAD301 Portable Power Strip and Charger

iLuv DreamTraveler iAD301
iLuv launches the new DreamTraveler iAD301, a portable device that combines power strip with surge protection and charges your iOS device and other USB devices as well. It was designed for travelers who wants to keep their devices full powered up while on the go, as the DreamTraveler iAD301 has the ability to charge up to six devices simultaneously.

The iLuv DreamTraveler iAD301 also comes with a dock that be slide-out to charge your iPad or iPhone, then slide back in when its time to travel.

iLuv DreamTraveler iAD301 with iPad
It has two USB ports for charging iPad and other USB-powered devices, plus there are three grounded power outlets with surge protection to protect your device in case there’s a surge in electricity that can damage your device.

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