iLuv iHD171 HD Radio iPhone/iPod Dock

iLuv iHD171 HD Radio iPhone/iPod Dock
The 2009 CES is definitely one to look out for because this time around there will be a lot more unveiling. iLuv will be unveiling the iHD171 HD Radion with iPhone and iPod Docking. The iHD171 isn’t all about iPod and iPhone Docking it is also about HD Radio. It comes with iPod and iPhone 3G/2GB docking and iTunes Tagging.

There is also this time sync feature that automatically updates the time on your clock to match the time on your iPhone / iPod. You can get the iLuv iHD171 as of January for a price of $199.99 over at iLuv’s Website. The full specs are available after the jump so go get it.

Full Specs

– Crystal clear, digital stereo for AM/FM HD Radio and multicast stations
– Receives CD-quality HD radio signals that increase clarity of FM radio stations
– Displays station, song title, band and frequency information
– Receives standard analog AM and FM stereo radio signals
– 30 Programmable presets (10 AM/20 FM)
– jAura Acoustic Speaker Technology
for rich sound
– Play and charge your iPhone/iPod
– Output your favorite videos to your TV

– Digital clock display with dual alarm function
– Wake or Sleep to iPhone/iPod, AM/FM radio or buzzer
– Auxiliary line input for audio devices with 3.5mm jack
– Preset EQ function and mute function
– Audio output: 4Wrms x 2: 8Wrms/16Wpeak


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  1. Thanks for the info on the new iLuv, but I am looking to buy a Jensen JIM-525. Do you think HD Radio is really worth the higher price? I read conflicting things. This site seems to say yes, but looking for more advice. Thanks

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