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I’M Watch Android Smart Watch gets new Shipping Date

It’s been a while since we have been hearing about the awesome I’M Watch, a Smart Watch that runs the Android Operating System but the company seems to have problems getting the devices to the consumers. This week the smartwatch manufacturer announced new shipping dates for the highly anticipated Android 1.6 device.
Im Watch
Initially the company announced that the device would be shipped on April 15th of this year but it would seems as if the makers want to put out the most perfect device they can built, they are delaying due to more testing. An initial batch of 300 units will be shipping on June 15th for testing and feedback with other outstanding orders being fulfilled by July 15th and all orders being shipped by September 15th.

For customers who have already ordered a I’M Watch and would like to cancel their order, they have until July 15th to do so. The company is also offering a 15 percent discount for those customers who would rather wait a little longer before getting their device.

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