InPulse Blackberry Handsfree SmartWatch by Allerta

InPulse Blackberry Smartwatch
If your addiction for your Blackberry Smartphone is as noticeable as mine, you may want to join me in pre-ordering the InPulse Blackberry Handsfree SmartWatch. With the SmartWatch we will be able to hide our addiction as it connects to the Blackberry Smartphone wirelessly via Bluetooth and gives you the option to check emails, send and receive text messages and even update your twitter account without having to take your handset out.

The SmartWatch has a 1.3-inch full color OLED display which is big enough to read your texts, there is also a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery and a built-in vibrating motor. You can pre-order the device at the InPulse at getinpulse for a price of $149.

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