Instacube Digital Frame ships on April 5th

Instacube, a digital photo frame that connects to your Instagram account to stream images and videos. It might be able to connect to Facebook and other social media platforms in the near future.

The Instacube could be yours starting on April 15th, this innovation in digital photo frame connects directly to your Instagram account and stream your selfies for your friends to see without the use of a smartphone or tablet. The Instacube Digital Photo Frame was initially announced a while back but was halted for a year due to lack of funds to put it into production.

instacubeWhile waiting on reaching the production budget, the developer of the frame also did some improvements. They have added speakers to the frame for support of your instagram video, they are also planning on adding the option to give users the option to stream videos directly from Vine, Facebook and a variety of other social media services.

Kickstarter backers who donated to the budget enough will be receiving a white or classic model in the next few months. Unfortunately backers of the other models will have to wait a little bit longer until production speeds up. Soon will be able to have your Instagram photos being displayed where you want, kitchen counter, bedside table, or even your coffee table.

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