Intel Atom N570 For Netbooks coming Next Month

Lenovo Netbooks
Intel Technologies has announced its new Atom N570 that is a processor that was designed specially for use with Netbooks. The Atom N570 will be clocked at a maximum speed of 1.66GHz and it is expected to be debuted on Major Netbooks from brands such as Samsung, Lenovo and ASUS. The new processor was first showcased at the previously held CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada, with the Atom N570 netbook users should experience a quicker Netbook when compared to the Atom N550 which is clocked at 1.5GHz and found in most new netbooks. The new processor will released early February and we should starting seeing netbooks being powered by the processor from the Major manufacturers listed above as early as March.

Source: NetbookNews

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