Intel First 34-Nanometer NAND Flash Solid-State Drives

34-Nanometer NAND Flash Solid-State Drives
Intel Corporation announced their more advanced 34-Nanometer NAND flash-based Solid State Drive (SSD). The move to 34nm will help lower prices of the SSDs up to 60 percent for PC and laptop makers.

The multi-level cell (MLC) Intel X25-M Mainstream SATA is aimed at Laptops and Desktop PCs and comes in two different storage capacity which is 60GB abd 80GB. The Intel 34-Nanmeter NAND Flash SSDs starts at a price of $225 for the X25-M 80GB at quantities of up to 1,000 units and $440 for the 160GB version for quantities up to 1,000 units.


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