Intel Mobile Internet Device Concept by Jan Rytir

Intel MID
Here is an interesting concept for a really cool looking Intel MID which was designed by Jan Rytir. The device has a really colorful design that will caught just about anyone’s eye. It measures 180 x 80 x 20mm and will feature a LCD touchscreen interface using OLED technology.

It will be powered by an Intel Processor and features a 47 button slide out QWERTY keyboard. The device will come with two USB slots, SD card reader, stereo speakers, audio input, docking connector and a microphone. This is a really cool concept and would to see it go into production really soon. Well will keep you posted if it ever goes large. More photos after the jump

Intel Mobile Internet Device

Intel MID Concept

Intel MID Concept


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  1. Really OMG!!!! I want one…. man… crazy…. the thing I most miss is usb ports…. It’ll be heaven to plug my 16GB kingston, my Sony T-900 and upload pics to the web… or clean my cams memmory to a pendrive trought my phone!!!!
    And, fore sure it need Wi-fi and Bluetooth…. I want one

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