iPad mini 2 backplate leaked on Chinese website

A Chinese website, WeiPhone.com, has posted images that they are claiming to be the backplate of the next generation iPad mini.

There’s no way to prove in the image is the backplate of the iPad mini 2, but its possible that Apple now working on the next generation iPad mini 2, as the first generation mini was released back in October.

iPad mini backplateThe backplate in the photos are constructed from aluminum, plus it also suggests that the next iPad mini will be thicker, and this could be possible if Apple plans to equip the tablet with a larger capacity battery and a Retina display.

Another thing you will notice is the blue Apple logo and iPad branding. In late January, there is a Sina Weibo post that suggested that the production process of iPad mini’s Apple logo has been improved. Well there’s no way of telling if this is legit until, Apple confirms these rumors.

iPad mini 2

iPad mini 2 aluminum case

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