iPhone 5 Snoopy Case

iPhone 5 Cases shows up at AT&T

Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 5 next Wednesday and even though we are one week early accessories for the upcoming device is already showing up at AT&T in the United States.

The new iPhone 5 is rumored to have a larger 4-inch touchscreen display, it gets a slimmer design than its predecessor, it features a new dock connector and Appleā€™s new Nano SIM card. Judging from the photos of the cases, the new iPhone 5 will feature a longer/taller screen than any of the previous models.

If you plan to get the new smartphone from Apple, then you might want to go and get your case early. The case with snoopy looks pretty awesome, you might just take a liking to it. Check out the images that we uploaded to the internet via BGR.

iPhone 5 Case

iPhone 5 Snoopy Case

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