iPhone Ocarina – Turn your iPhone into musical instrument

iPhone Ocarina
There are alot of musically apps for the iPhone but here is one that you will have to blow blow and blow some more. This new iPhone application developed by Smule called the Ocarina turns your iPhone into a fully-functional musical wind instrument plus you can share your musical masterpiece with your friends from all around the globe using the Smule’s Sonic Network technology.

Your iPhone will work like a real wind blowing instrument, combining touch, tilt, gestures and human breath which creates ethereal sounds. You will have to place your fingers over four virtual “holes” on the multi-touch screen, and blow into your iPhone’s microphone just like playing a clarinet or flute. If you are a beginner don’t worry because smule offers tutorial on their website. More after the jump.

iPhone Ocarina
Here is a diagram showing exactly how the Ocarina works.

iPhone Ocarina
So what are you waiting for? I don’t think you will ever get another chance to liquid damage your iPhone using your Spit. 🙂 Get it for only 99 Cents at iTunes App Store.


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