iPhone Trade-Ins Doubles as Galaxy S4 Launches

Samsung recently announced its next big thing after the Galaxy S3 that is, the Galaxy S4 which comes with some cutting edge technology and Google’s newest version of the Android operating system (codename Key Lime Pie).

Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5It would seem that many iPhone users are getting ready to jump ship for the “Next Big Thing”, according to SellCell.com, iPhone trade-ins went up 194 percent in the month leading up to Samsung’s Galaxy S4 unveiling when compared to the month prior to the company’s Galaxy S3 launch.

“Based on feedback from our partners and the news of several big product launches from HTC, BlackBerry and now Samsung, we get the feeling that the luster of the iPhone line for Apple fans may be waning a bit,” said SellCell’s managing director Colin White. “Our data bears this out as more people trade-in and search for iPhone quotes on the site than other product lines, an effect that we believe is from the introduction of new smartphones and features that iPhones don’t have.”

Some smartphone owners have went ahead and trade-in their smartphone a month prior to the Galaxy S4 launch, this is very interesting, can’t wait to see what the numbers will be in a month from now.

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