iPod Touch 3G release imminent, hinted by new case?

iPod Touch 3G Silicone Case
There has been rumors in the air that a new version of the iPod Touch is scheduled to be released in September. It seems as if the guys over at Uxsight has gotten some inside information on this as they are already displaying an iPod Touch 3G Anti-slip Silicone case on their website.

The case purposes are to protect the iPod Touch 3G against scratches and stains. The case is made from high quality silicone material which is lightweight and durable. If you look at the photo above you will realize that there are two hole to the top of the case, this is indicating that the iPod Touch 3G may sport a camera and even LED flash.

The case is presently in back order for only $1.69 and a $5 shipping fee.

[Thanks Much Jenny!]