The Portable Rechargeable Battery called iPower M

Momax iPower MLate last year we introduced the Sanwa 700-BTL011, a portable battery that allows you to keep devices fully charged while on the go. A company name Momax has also made a portable battery that goes by the name, iPower M.

The Momax iPower M measures only 80mm x 80mm x 16.7mm and weighs 105g, which means it is lightweight and compact to carry while on the go.

The portable rechargeable battery comes with two USB 5V output ports, one charging port and a high capacity 3200mAh battery that will keep your smartphones and tablets fully charged when you need them most.

If you wish to own the iPower M portable battery from Momax, it is now available from Ownta for the retail price of $105.35.

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