IRIScan Anywhere 3 Portable Scanner

The IRIScan Anywhere 3
Introducing the IRIScan Anywhere 3 Portable scanner which enables the user to easily capture information from various documents while on the go.

The portable scanner is battery-powered and has the ability to scan up to 6 pages per minute and with a full charge of it’s battery it can scan up to 100 letter size documents before it needs to be recharged.

The IRIScan Anywhere 3 also comes with 512MB of built-in memory where all the scanned documents are saved or they can also be saved on an SD Memory card or on a standard USB flash drive. The scanner comes bundled with a productive software suite which converts your documents into editable and searchable files (PDF, Word, Excel,…), the software also has the option to extract contact information from your business cards.

Below is a video describing what the device and showcasing all its features.

[Via: Iris Link]

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