iRobot Verro 500 PowerScrub Pool Cleaning Robot

In addition to the Roomba 600 Series Robot Vacuum, iRobot also announced its new Verro 500 PowerScrub a robot that was developed to clean your swimming pool.

The Verro 500 was designed to clean large and small debris from the surface of your pool. It vacuums, scrubs and clean the floor and walls of any swimming pool up to 20-feet wide.

iRobot Verro 500 PowerScrub
The device doesn’t require any hoses, dedicated lines or booster pumps installation, it features a powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system that picks up leaves, hair, sand, dust and bacteria as tiny as 2 microns which is approximately 20 times smaller than the human eye can see.

Its equipped with sturdy PVA roller brushes which scrubs the surface of your swimming pool, both the floor and the walls right up to the waterline.

Verro 500 Pool Cleaning Robot
The Verro 500 PowerScrub has a 60 foot cable and will clean an entire 20×50 feet pool in approximately three hours. iRobot now has the Verro 500 available and sells for the suggested market price of $1099.00.

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