Is the iPhone 5 prone to bending?

iPhone 5 bendingEvery manufacturer’s dream is to launch their product without any glitches or hitches in production and sales, but sadly that rarely happens as most of the time these issues can range from extremely minor to major. Apple is one of those manufacturers getting complaints on their iPhone 5, reports are coming out of China that the iPhone 5 is facing some issues, flexibility wise, which makes us ask the question “Is the iPhone 5 prone to bending?

If you’re wondering why this is only being reported now, it’s because this issues seems to have come from China alone where the iPhone 5 was launched not too long ago. It seems that when enough pressure is applied onto the phone, it will cause the device to bend in a rather ugly fashion, which could be a result of the user accidentally putting the phone in their back pockets and forgetting that it is there and sit on it.

It could be possible, since the iPhone 5 was constructed using aluminum, a softer metal when compared to the stainless steel construction on the iPhone 4 and 4S models. Check out the images which were found on ubergizmo, could these be real or photoshopped?

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