iTunes Radio service now has 11 Million Listeners

Apple is used to celebrating new milestones at-least every week, and the giant manufacturing technology company is once again celebrating another milestone as its new iTunes Radio service now has more than 11 million unique listeners.

iTunes Radio ServiceDue to the new unique listeners that the service has, Apple climbed nearly five percent to $490.64 on the day, with an additional after-hours rise of $2.11, following a couple of investor-friendly announcements involving the iTunes Radio listenership, plus healthy iPhone sales.

Apple’s new iTunes Radio service is currently only available on the US Market, the service uses self-generated data from track sales similar to that of Pandora. After Apple announced the new radio service, Pandora stock price fell as much as 10 percent, which means this could be a good time for Pandora to make its service available to all the markets of the world.

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