Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset with Voice Guidance

Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth HeadsetJabra has announced its new innovation in Bluetooth Headset technology, the Jabra STONE2 Headset that features an advanced Voice Guidance system. The Jabra STONE2 features a curved design that comfortably fits around the ear for hours without any annoyance. It comes with an advanced voice control feature that allows the user to answer or reject incoming calls using voice commands, it will alert the user who is calling, the battery status as well as how to setup the device initially. It utilizes dual-microphone technology that delivers excellent sound quality as well as noise cancellation that eliminates background noise and maintains the natural sound of the users voice.

Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset
The Jabra STONE2 is lightweight, its curve design and personalized eargels make it a pleasure to wear for long periods. It ships with a portable charger that allows fast charging while on the go, up to 4 times and takes only 20 minutes which delivers up to 10 hours of talk time.

Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset with Portable Charger
The Jabra STONE2 Bluetooth Headset supports streaming from A2DP-enabled phones and will be available in two editions, one with a Glossy finish while the other gets an Leather exterior. The STONE2 Glossy is available exclusively from AT&T while the Leather STONE2 is available where wireless accessories are sold, get it on Amazon for $84.99.

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