6 James Bond like Gadgets

Swiss Army Knife
From i was a kid, I have been watching James Bond Movies and have always have been facinated with his gizmos althought i used to think that they aren’t real, they are only made for movies. Since being on the internet and reviewing gadgets i have came upon gizmos that are somewhat similar to one of bond’s gadgets or look like a gadget that only would come in a 007 movie.

Here are some of the gadgets i have came accross. Above is the First, a swiss arm knife, pretty amazing huh? More after the jump.

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James Bond Credit Card Lock Picker
James Bond’s Credit Card Lock Picker

Rolex Spy Watch
The Rolex Spy Watch

Lighter Camera
The Lighter Camera

James Bond Video Pen
The James Bond Video Pen

Wireless PenCam
The Wireless PenCam

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