JawBone Icon EyeWear Collection Bluetooth Headsets

JawBone Icon EyeWear Collection Bluetooth Headsets
JawBone has announced the launch of its Icon EyeWear Collection of Bluetooth Headset. There are four models in the series, they are the Cashmere, Denim, Mesh, and Suede which were all inspired and named after fashion textiles. The JawBone Icon EyeWear Collection comes with A2DP support that allows the headset to be connected to any A2DP-enabled Bluetooth device including Smartphones, iPod and other Mobile Phones.

All four models comes with Voice Activity Sensor (VAS) that will feels your speech vibrations and then optimize it for call quality, JawBone also claims that the JawBone Icon EyeWear Collection is the only Bluetooth headset with this feature. Another great function is the NoiseAssassin noise cancellation technology that was originally developed for use by helicopter pilots and operators of tanks.

All four Bluetooth headset are compatible with Jawbone’s MyTALK online platform and are priced at $99.99 per unit.

Source: LoopyCellphones

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