Jawbone Up Band now Available

In addition to it newly released of its Mini Jambox Portable Wireless Speaker, Jawbone has also announced the release of its Up Wristband, a device that was designed to track your movement and sleep in the background, in efforts to promote a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Jawbone UP WristbandThe Up Wristband works in sync with an app which is available for both Android and iOS platforms. The app displays your data and allows the user to add things like meals and mood, then deliver insights to keep you up and moving. Basically its an compact intelligent computer wrapped around your hand as the company describes it, it tracks your movement continuously and notifies the user of the calories burned, active time, and activity intensity.

Woman wearing UP WristbandIt also gives users the ability to track what they eat, it has a mood tracker which allows the ability to log your moods and discover connections that affect how you feel, Smart Alarm that enables you to wake up feeling refreshed—at the right moment in your sleep cycle. The device is also water resistant which means you can still wear it while in the shower, rain storms and sweat from a hard workout.

The Jawbone Up Wristband comes in eight variety of colors including; Onyx, Mint Green, Blue, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Red Orange, and Hunter Green. The Up is now available from the company’s website for a suggested retail price of $129.99..

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