Kensington K60401US TwoFold Notebook Stand

Kensington Notebook Stand
Kensington recently announced its latest pair of notebook accessories, included in the accessory line-up is the TwoFold Notebook Stand. The TwoFold Notebook Stand elevates your notebook for greater comfort thus reducing neck and eye strains plus it can be converted into a protective sleeve within seconds.

The Kensington TwoFold Notebook Stand will accommodate notebooks size 14.1-inch to 15.4-inch. It comes with Kensington 2-Year warranty and will set you back $39.99 to own, pre-ordering now available at Kensington.

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  1. I really like the Laptop Flip as a stand for my Macbook Pro. It raises my laptop for better ventilation and allows me to store my Macbook in the vertical position when not in use. This save quite a bit of space on my cluttered desktop.

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