Kenwood iPod Dock CR-iP500

Kenwood Football Shaped iPod Dock
Check out this new iPod Dock from Kenwood, model name CR-iP500. This CR-iP500 isn’t just an iPod Docking Station it is also a personal CD system. You will find the Docking port on top of the device and it will dock your fourth-gen iPod Photo, Mini, Nano, Classic and Touch. There are 2 bright illumination patterns which shows in red and the level of brightness can be adjusted.

The Kenwood CR-iP500 features built-in speakers, 5w x 2 amplifier unit, a 3.24-inch woofer, a built-in CD player, a FM tuner, an USB reader that is compatible with redbook cd/CD-R/RW/MP3/WMA media files and a remote for your convenience. The Personal CD system with iPod docking can be yours for a cost of $27,000 yen/$278 USD and its scheduled to be released early next month.


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