Kenwood MG-G708 MP3 Player with a Bilingual UI

Kenwood MG-G708 MP3 PlayerKenwood just unveiled its new Digital Media Player that goes by the model name MG-G708. The new MG-G708 line up was unveiled on the Japanese market, it comes with a 2-inch color LCD display with a bilingual UI, it offers support for Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and other than playing your favorite MP3 track it also comes with the ability to view JPEG/BMP image files as well.

Even though you will be able to view your vacation photos on it, it doesn’t have the ability to do video playbacks. The MG-G708 comes with 8GB of storage which is more than enough to store your favorite albums or tracks but if it isn’t, then it also comes with a built-in microSD card slot which supports 16GB cards.

Kenwood MG-G708 Media Player
The device is fairly lightweight as it only weighs 56g, it shouldn’t be a hassle to travel around with. It comes in a few color options such as red, silver and black. Right now it is only available in Japan and it goes for the price of US$183 equivalent.

Source: Impress Japan

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