Kilipsch iGroove SXT iPhone and iPod Dock

Kilipsch iGroove SXT
Kilipsch introduces the iGroove SXT Docking and Charging Station for your iPod. iPod Docks can be categorized as a dime-a-dozen but not the iGroove SXT, According to Kilipsch.

What makes the iGroove SXT different from the others is the huge stereo sound you get from the pint-sized speakers. It features a dedicated amplifier for each driver, helping to reduce distortion and enhance overall sound quality. The iGroove SXT will not only dock your iPhone, iPhone 3G S, iPod and iPod Touch but also rapidly charge them too with its 1000mA rapid recharge circuit.

The iGroove SXT has two 2.5-inch woofers in a ported enclosure and 2 ¾-inch horn-loaded tweeters. It will charges any iPod with a 30-pin connector and comes with a rear auxiliary input, S-video output and an IR remote. It is available in a black finish with a silver trim and black cloth grille for a price of $150.

Kilipsch iGroove SXT


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