Kingston DataTraveler 109 USB Flash Drives

Kingston DataTraveler 109 USB Flash DrivesKingston Technologies has once again launched another compact and colorful option to its line of DataTraveler USB Flash Drives. It is the Kingston DataTraveler 109 which comes in a compact form, measuring only 39 x 12.35 x 4.55 mm and features a capless design. The 109 Series from Kingston utilizes the power of USB 2.0, they come pre-loaded with urDrive software combo that includes a photo viewer, MP3 player, Norton PC Checkup, Maxthon 3 web browser, free cloud-based backup and games.

The DataTraveler 109 USB Flash Drives comes with a five-year warranty and it will be available in seven different colors; Black, Blue, Teal, White, Silver, Orange and Pink. Expect to see this series in two different storage options, an 8GB version that goes for 7 Euro and a 16GB version that goes for 17 Euros.

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