Kingston DataTraveler Mini 3.0 USB Flash Drives

Kingston Technologies has announced its latest addition to its DataTraveler, the DataTraveler Mini 3.0 USB flash drives. The new USB 3.0 series of flash drives will be available in the storage capacities of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes. The drives features a capless design with an attractive metal case, a USB 3.0 connection interface and ultra fast data transfer capabilities.

Kingston DataTraveler Mini 3.0The Kingston DataTraveler Mini comes with the ability to deliver read/write speeds of up to 70/10 MB/s (16GB Model) and 70/15 MB/s (32GB & 64GB Models), respectively. DataTraveler Mini 3.0 is ideal for consumers who are seeking a great looking, small form factor drive.

It comes in an array of multiple colours to match one’s lifestyle and the attractive metal case protects the USB from damage while carrying it on a key chain, purse or briefcase. No pricing details has been released for the new DataTraveler Mini 3.0 Series just yet.

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