Kingston DataTraveler R400 USB Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler R400 USB Flash DriveKingston Technologies has announced its newest USB flash drive, the DataTraveler DTR400 USB Flash Drive but probably will only be called the DataTraveler R400. It comes with a rubberized casing that will protect the drive from scratches and from damage from other objects, this new USB Flash Drive is ideal for the outdoor enthusiasts as it is durable plus it is also shock resistant.

The new Kingston DataTraveler R400 will be available in the storage options of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB in a rubberized body casing that measures 70mm x 22.68mm x 12.40mm meaning it will fit easily and comfortably into your pocket. The Kingston DataTraveler R400 is already available on Amazon, pricing depends on your choice of storage capacity.

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