Kodak Android Phone

Kodak IM5 is the company’s first Smartphone

It’s 2015 and Kodak popularly known for developing cameras over the years has joined the smartphone market. The company just announced its first Android Smartphone, built by the Bullitt Group and dubbed the Kodak IM5.

Kodak Android Phone
Judging for the specifications chart, the Kodak IM5 falls right on the list with normal Android Phones on the market. The device comes fitted with a 5-inch HD display screen, powered by a 1.7GHz Octa-Core processor with 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage plus the storage can be expanded thanks to its built-in microSD card slot.

Kodak IM5
The Kodak IM5 runs Android 4.4 KitKat operating system right out the box, however the company promises to release the Android Lollipop later this year.

In addition to the KitKat OS, the Kodak IM5 also comes pre-loaded with a unique image management software which will allow you to quickly edit images, and even uploaded them directly to social media.

Kodak plans to release its first Android Phone in Europe by the end of Q1, and will retail for the price of about $249.

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